5 Reasons To Consider Enrolling Your Daughter In An All-Girls Catholic School


There are so many educational opportunities for kids and teens. You may be thinking about enrolling your daughter in a private school instead of a public one. There are many options, but an all-girls Catholic school can be a great choice. This is a good place for your child to learn, focus on faith, and get educated in a disciplined environment. Here are some reasons to consider enrolling your daughter in an all-girls Catholic school:

12 February 2020

5 Reasons Distance Learning Can Be A Great Option


When you explore schooling choices for your child, you want to make sure that it fits their needs and that they will be happy. Luckily, there are so many more schooling choices these days. It's more than just the public school right nearby your home. You may consider online distance learning programs if your child is open to something different. This schooling choice offers so many benefits. Keep reading to see why it might be a good idea to give distance learning a try: 

28 November 2018

2 Reasons To Consider Sending Your Child To A Private School


Sending a child to a private school can often be a great option due to the many benefits that a private education can provide. Listed below are two reasons to consider sending a child to a private school. There Are Numerous Types To Choose From One of the biggest reasons to consider sending a child to a private school is the fact there are numerous types to choose from. This means that you can get your child the education that is more custom tailored to your particular beliefs or the child's interests.

1 May 2017

4 Ways To Help Your Child Adjust To Boarding School


Adjusting to boarding school can be difficult for most students. Many students suffer from homesickness, which could ultimately lead to problems with focusing in school. As a parent, there are things you can do to help your child cope with the experience and adjust faster.  Avoid Constant Calls Although you miss your child and he or she misses you, allowing him or her to call you constantly can actually do more harm than good.

9 May 2016

Is Public Or Private School Best For Your Children?


As a parent, it's up to you to decide whether public or private school is the best option for your children. Unfortunately, there isn't such a thing as a one-size-fits-all education. People learn at different paces and in different ways, so it can be difficult for parents to determine what type of education will work best for their children's learning style. Fortunately, there isn't a right or wrong answer. However, you do need to weigh all of your options so that you can make an informed decision.

22 February 2016

Is Private School Worth The Cost?


Parents want the best education possible for their children, and for those able to pay the tuition, private education promises to provide that experience. You may wonder if private schools live up to these promises. Is private school worth the cost? Tuition The average tuition for a private, non-sectarian high school is $27,302 per year. Catholic high schools have an average price tag of $7,826 while other religious high schools cost $10,493 annually.

19 October 2015

Racism In Private Schools And What's Being Done To Stop It


Private schools serve as an alternative to public education that gives you the opportunity to steer your children into learning avenues appropriate for their interests and beliefs. However, you may have heard rumors about racist attitudes at these schools. Unfortunately, some private schools have spotty records regarding racism, but there's a major push across the country to eliminate these problematic attitudes and beliefs. Is There a History of Racism in Private Schools?

27 February 2015