What To Look For In An Academic Summer Program


There are numerous ways to spend your summer, including hitting the beach, visiting friends, and binge-watching your favorite television shows. While all these are great ideas, have you considered something that will add real value to your life, like enrolling in summer programs?

As a young person in high school with grand ambitions and dreams, it wouldn't hurt to sign up for summer programs. Summer programs offer lessons in various fields, including creative writing, foreign languages, drama, and many more. So what goes into searching for the ideal program that will suit your needs? What should you consider before choosing a summer program?

Match a Summer Program to Your Passions

Even before you start hunting for a summer program, write down the fields or careers that you're passionate about. Do you think you won't find a program that suits your interests? The array of programs on offer might just surprise you! When you have listed down all the career choices that interest you, it is easier to match them to the summer programs on offer.

The Location Matters

Location is paramount when choosing a summer program. Unless you are ready to enroll in remote summer programs, how far are you prepared to travel for summer programs? Keep in mind that you will be away from home for around 3 to 6 weeks. 

Do you prefer a familiar or a new place? Are you a city person, or do you love serene rural locations? Weigh all these aspects carefully before you settle for the most suitable, as per your needs. In case the program is held at a college that you would love to attend in the future, it's the perfect opportunity to determine whether it fits the bill.

Cost of the Program 

Note that superb programs don't necessarily translate to costly fees. Nevertheless, most summer programs can be pretty costly, considering they'll feed and accommodate you. Other expenses include travel costs, field trips, paying for guest speakers, and study materials.

 It is crucial to discuss with your parents how much they are ready to contribute. Find out whether the programs you are eyeing offer scholarships or favorable payment plans.

Summer programs can significantly influence the future career and professional paths for high school children. They are exciting and enriching experiences that can impact college applications. Apart from the learning part of summer programs, you will have unforgettable memories and probably forge friendships that'll last for a lifetime!


22 February 2021

Learning How To Learn

When I was a kid, my parents didn't care if I went to school or not. My mom and dad worked full time, and truthfully we didn't usually see them until well after school got out anyway. Unfortunately, this lack of schooling made it hard for me to learn valuable study habits. When I started taking school seriously later, I found that I was way behind where other kids my same age were. Fortunately, a few kind-hearted teachers helped to turn things around for me. They taught me techniques for how to learn, and I want to share them with you.